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Second day of ‘World of Coffee Dubai 2023’ brings the world together with exceptional flavours of coffee

Dubai, January 12, 2023

The second day of World of Coffee Dubai 2023 exhibition witnessed a tremendous increase in momentum of visitors on Thursday, January 12, 2033, as professionals and visitors from across the globe gathered to participate in distinguished events and activities at the pioneering event. The exhibition is being organised by ‘DXB Live’, integrated event planning and management service provider at the Dubai World Trade Centre, in collaboration with the Specialty Coffee Association.

The Rooster Village zone at the exhibition witnessed a number of baristas competing to showcase their skills and expertise, and visitors enjoyed exceptional performances by prominent global companies and brands, which were hosted by the Brew Bar pavilion. Some of the renowned companies and brands participating at the Brew Bar pavilion included ‘The Echo Machine and Neighborhood Rotisserie’, ‘Haute Coffee Roasters’, ‘Coffee Planet’, ‘Koraput Coffee’, ‘Tre Marias Coffee’, ‘Elpatron’, ‘Brewtiful Coffee’, ‘El Matador Coffee’, ‘Harvester Coffee’, ‘Coffee Trading’, ‘Bunni Coffee’ and ‘Coffee Bean Supplies’. Furthermore, coffee lovers experienced the taste of coffee variants and compared them with other varieties at the Cupping Room, in which companies such as ‘Finca El Morito’, ‘Cypher Roastery’, ‘Kerchanshe’, ‘Talamanca's Coffee’, and ‘Ifest Coffee Mission’ participated.

During the second day, the activities of the UAE National Barista Championship continued, in which six winners of the first day participated in the next stage of the qualifiers, where baristas showcased their innovation and expertise in coffee preparation. The international jury chose Mariam Erin Pinza from the Cosmic Garden coffee Roastery, Nooran Albannay of Coffee Architecture, Sonam Sherpa of PDL Coffee, Drew Joshua Dennehy from Three Coffee, Kemal Risyad of Archers Coffee, and Benedictus Mbongiseni of La Maison Gateau Café, to compete in this next stage. The competition is the precursor to the World Barista Championship, in which winners of the National Barista Championships from all over the world compete. The competition continues for both ‘Design in Coffee’ competition, which recognises outstanding innovations in the coffee industry, and the ‘Best New Product’ competition, which seeks to showcase innovative products in the coffee industry and emphasise their quality and value.

Mohammed Essa Al Ghurair, Vice Chairman of Essa Al Ghurair LLC, said: “We are pleased to be a part of the World of Coffee Dubai 2023 exhibition for the second year in a row and highlight our distinguished products, including ‘Decaf Arabic coffee’, our latest production of coffee variant that is unique in its taste and quality. The participation of Karam Foods Industries in this event opens new avenues for expansion and strengthening of partnerships, further boosting our growth and development. The second edition of the exhibition has been witnessing an unprecedented turnout, amidst the exceptional growth of the regional coffee sector, which is proving be a significant opportunity to network and explore further business opportunities. As the largest coffee roasters in the Middle East, we are delighted to participate in this pioneering event that congregates cultivators, manufacturers, producers, traders and coffee lovers under one roof, offering an ideal platform for exchanging experiences, exploring prospects for cooperation and entering new markets.”

Marco Feliziani, Vice President of Simonelli Group, said: “We are delighted to participate at the World of Coffee Dubai once again this year, as the exhibition is showing great success in terms of turnout. We are organising three workshops every day at the event. The first workshop focuses on plant-based beverages in coffee, which is being conducted in collaboration with Alpro. The second workshop focuses on different coffee extraction techniques leveraging the Pure Brew technology of our Black Eagle Maverick. The third workshop is in collaboration with Fabbri syrups mixed with Pure Brew coffee and Tea."

“We are also pleased to be the sponsors of the National Barista Championship and offer competitors to use our espresso machine Eagle One and Grinders Mythos My 75. The first day of the exhibition was fruitful for us, as we witnessed immense footfall, and we are expecting even more attendees today at our workshop. This year’s edition is proving to be even more exceptional than the first owing to the large number of visitors and participants attending the event,” Feliziani added.

Francesco Dimundo, Sales Manager at Eureka, said: “It has been a pleasure to be a part of the second edition of World of Coffee Dubai, and we have been witnessing tremendous interest in our products from the visitors. The visitors at the event have been showing great interest in our new technologies such as touch screen and instant grind weighing technology. We have also witnessed significant interest in our accessory range we developed such as tampers, levellers, scales and the automatic tampers. The hand grinder that we are exhibiting has also been a product of interest. At Eureka, we strive to innovate by obtaining feedbacks from customers and converting them into new ideas. The World of Coffee Dubai 2023 has proven to be an ideal opportunity to gain insights from the visitors, which will help us further develop newer and innovative products.”

The exhibition's second day featured a group of experts and specialists from across the globe who provided insightful information through a series of workshops and lectures on variety of aspects pertaining to trade, industry, and coffee preparation. Prof. Dr. Chahan Yeretzian delivered a lecture titled ‘Latest Methods in Coffee Extraction’. The exhibition further featured a panel discussion titled ‘Rebirth of Ghana's Coffee Sector: Alliances for Quality Robusta’ in which prominent speakers such as John-Francois, Hannha Quashie, Emi Beth, and Aku Quantson participated. Lauro Fioretti of Nuova Simonelli delivered a talk titled ‘Coffee extraction Exploring different methods’. Furthermore, two workshops were conducted during the second day of the exhibition including ‘Understanding and Applying the Evolved Cupping Protocol: An Early Look at the SCA's Coffee Value System’ by Kim Elena Ionescu, Chief Sustainability and Knowledge Development Officer and the second titled ‘Pour Over Osmotic Flow Science by CAFEC’, which was moderated by Shigeji Nakatsuka - CEO Sanyo Sangyo Co Ltd – CAFEC.

The second day of the World of Coffee Dubai 2023 continued with its activities on Thursday, January 12, 2023 from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm, and will open doors on the final day of the exhibition on Friday, January 13, 2023, from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm.

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